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Thermostats are the first line of defense to protect your HVAC system. A faulty or outdated thermostat can disrupt your home comfort level by not blowing out the correct temperature. If you are looking for a new thermostat in Kansas City, MO let us help you decide on what's best for your lifestyle!

Thermostat maintenance is a simple step to maintaining the longevity of your HVAC system. We recommend this be done during a heating & cooling maintenance inspection. Checking your thermostat periodically can give you an idea if your home is running efficiently. If you think your thermostat is malfunctioning or not working how you think it should, call our HVAC service professionals in the Kansas City Metro area.

Ductless Systems

A ductless heating and cooling system offers a quick & efficient way to maintain your home comfort level. Ductless systems in Kansas City, MO have become popular to keep up with the brutal KC winters and hot dewy summers. If you need a ductless air conditioner in Kansas City we can help you out! These ductless units are mounted on the wall & the air in the room or an entire floor is replaced to ensure perfect temperature. In Kansas City, MO ductless heating and air condition systems work so well. A ductless system avoids expenses for repairs, replacing or installing ductwork.  These units are very quick to install! We recommend that you service your ductless system twice per year at minimum. Give our technicians a call to help you decide if this option is best for you!

Furnace Repair & Maintenace

We got you covered in the Kansas City Metro area heating repair and maintenance services for these winter months. Our KCMO heating professionals can help your heating system if you are hearing loud noises, your heater is turning off & on intermittently, smelling burning or rotten egg odors, or weak airflow. Immediately turn off your heating system & reach out to Cardinal Points Service for a heating repair in Kansas City, MO.

We always recommend scheduling a regular heating maintenance service in Kansas City, MO to keep your home comfortable for winter. Regularly scheduling a professional maintenance service can help your system run longer & more efficiently. Our KC HVAC heating technicians will clean & complete a 30-point inspection with full report to you about the efficiency of your heating system.

AC Repair & Maintenance

Air conditioners are working machines and overtime parts do need repair or break. Your air conditioner can be broken due to leaks, age, drainage problems, electrical issues, dust, blocked condenser fan, compressor issues or even incorrect installation. Our Kansas City, MO air-conditioning repair and maintenance technicians will work with you to accurately diagnosis and collaborate on a game plan that works for you & your household. If your AC unit is making loud or strange sounds or your home feels more humid than normal – please call Cardinal Points Service at (816) 946-9261 to get your air conditioning service in Kansas City, MO. There is something VERY wrong and we can help!

We recommend at minimum two professional AC maintenance inspections per year. We offer a Spring Maintenance Service that covers all your Kansas City air conditioning maintenance services & needs. This includes a deep clean of your cooling system & a 30-point inspection with a full report of your air conditioner’s efficiency. Our technicians will explain what they have examined and discuss with you the best options for upkeep and/or repair that your home cooling system repairs (or new technology!) to beat KC hot summers. Give us a call to schedule an appointment.

AC Replacement & Installation

There are many factors that you may need to replace your air conditioner. If your air conditioning lacks cool air, increased energy bills, weak airflow, continuous breakdowns, and/or strange noises it’s time to call our Kansas City air conditioning professionals at Cardinal Points Service. We can help you get affordable AC installation in Kansas City.

If your air conditioner unit is over 10 years old & you’re looking to replace system, we can help you decide on what is the most efficient & perfect fit for your home & lifestyle. Let us help you feel confident in the choice you’re making for your new air-conditioning home unit.

With financing options available for qualified individuals, we can help find the plan that fits into your budget. Give us a call today to set up a schedule AC Maintenance Service in Kansas City, MO Metro Area to discuss options!

Heat Pump

This is an energy saving way to heat & cool your home. A heat pump in winter will pull outdoor air, heat it, & distribute the desired temperature throughout space. Cardinal Points Service offers professional heat pump maintenance for Kansas City area ensuring your home’s perfect temperature. We recommend you have professional heat pump service done at least once a year. The average life span of a heat pump is about 15 years – let us help you keep it in working order! If you need a new heat pump in Kansas City area– we can help you! Give us a call to schedule a quote to install a heat pump!

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